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Arabia is not only Finland's oldest ceramics factory but it is certainly one of the most respected. Names like Kaj Franck, Ulla Procope, Toini Muona and Birger Kaipianen have come and gone as the studio has undergone dramatic changes. Initially a subsidiary of Rorstrand, created to produce lines for the Russian market, Arabia became its own entity from 1900. Since Hackman acquired the company in 1990, Arabia has seen a resurgence of innovation in its ceramics with contributions from the likes of Stefan Lindfors, Kati Tuominen-Niittyla and Harri Koskinen. We particularly love the illustrated pieces from the sixties and seventies and sell them on the site. Email for news of our latest Arabia pieces.

  off the shelf  
Enamel bowl Finel/Arabia Finland. Very good condition. (h 14cm, w 21cm)
Rare enamel Arabia 'Troubadour' bowl with label, 1970 (w 21cm, h 13cm)
Enamel bowl with fruit and vegetable design. Finel/Arabia made in Finland. Perfect condition. H 14cm, W 21cm.
Large dark yellow Finel enamel bowl. H 14cm, W 21cm.
Heart design Finel enamel bowl. H 14cm, W24cm.
Green enamel bowl with black rim for Arabia. H 9cm, W 26cm.
Enamel bowl Finel/Arabia Finland. Very good condition. (h 14cm, w 21cm)
60's Harlequin vases by Kaarina Aho for Arabia. Aho worked for Arabia
from 1948-68 as a member of Kaj Franck's design team. Both are marked with the crown mark and Arabia Made in Finland. The blue vase which has a diamond pattern is marked 6-66, impressed is 379/1, the yellow one is marked 9-9, impressed is 379/3. Both vases are in excellent condition.
Large pale brown vase. (18,5 cm x 7,5 cm x 11,5 cm).
Smaller blue vase. (15 cm x 6,5 cm x 10 cm)
Arabia blue 'apple' plate, signed Gog, Gunvor Olin Gronquist (w 20.5cm)
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