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Bruno Mathsson is our favourite Swede. He trained with his father Karl Mathsson and promoted the new organic shape in Sweden that Alvar Aalto was achieving great success with in Finland. Often accused of copying Aalto's Model no 43 and 406, Mathsson's famous Pernilla and Arbetsstol with their bent laminated wood frames and woven hemp webbing actually predate Aalto's chairs. Bruno Mathsson's chairs are highly ergonomic. Just watch the way men, women, cats and kids head straight for the cream leather Pernilla in SHOWHOME's sitting room. Once installed it is hard to get them out. Email for our latest Bruno Mathsson pieces.

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The most comfortable chair we have ever owned. Fits couch potatoes of any size or a pair of toddlers side by side. Bent beech framed leather-clad, hemp-backed Pernilla Chair designed by Swedish designer, Bruno Mathsson in 1934 and produced by Dux, the company that purchased Karl Mathsson Mobelfabrik in the late Sixties. Olive green leather. Perfect condition, looks unused. So light for its size. 20 lbs in weight. Can be unscrewed for easy transport. We can also source these vintage chairs directly from Scandinavia with leather in other colours. H 96cm, W 86cm. D 76 cm.
Footstool (when available) £390

Cream leather chair. Pernilla designed by Bruno Mathsson for Dux
Early Pernilla in oak produced by Karl Mathsson for Illums Bolighus. Great condition with original marks.
Eva Chair designed 1933 by Bruno Mathsson. Bent laminated wood frame, woven hemp webbing and solid beech seat frame. Stamped with Karl Mathsson mark. 1978 production (a historic year for Bruno Mathsson as he absorbed his father's firm Karl Mathsson and transferred many designs to Dux. This chair was designed in-house under his supervision).
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